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"Explore the rich features of Flowon"
Flowon, An Extensible Workflow Platform, Allowing Business Processes Automation in an Intuitive, Collaborative, Secure, and Code-Free Environment.



BPMN Compliant

​​Flowon uses Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) to help you transform your BPMN workflows into executable processes.  
BPMN is what business analysts understand and use in their daily analysis operations. Therefore, you can easily work on Flowon without the need to learn a new notation, simply open Flowon's web designer and start designing processes with notation you already know.
This is a key advantage for using Flowon, while for other products you need to learn the own propriety notation related to the product in order to design business processes. This leads you to map your business processes, which are documented in BPMN into that product's notation, and then manage any changes that take place in the business process in two different notations.

Workflow Routing

​​Flowon allows the designer to control the sequence of the flow between the activities that compose the workflow. This flow can be subject to conditions based on process variables. By the use of rules, decision tables and BPMN gateways, the workflow designer can route the workflow based on decisions and input made at run time.

Visual Studio Integration

​​As requirements get complicated extending Flowon processes’ functionalities can be implemented using the Visual Studio Designer.
Flowon takes full advantage of .NET framework extensibility and Visual Studio.NET extensibility to provide a workflow design environment that is developer friendly.
Flowon® Add-In for Visual Studio® 2010 enables .Net developers to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to build an executable business process using a combination of the native Windows Workflow Foundation experience and the BPMN notation. It also adds the ability to write code-behind the workflow in C#.Net or VB.Net. It provides a simple development experience for workflows of any complexity.
Flowon® Add-In for Visual Studio® 2010 has full inter-operability with the web-based workflow designer in a way that a workflow application can be edited by both tools interchangeably.
Business analysts will always be aligned with developers as web designer will always reflect the solution developers have designed using Flowon® Add-In for Visual Studio® 2010 and vice versa.

BPMN Compliance Web Based Designer

​​The BPMN compliant Microsoft® Silverlight® Workflow Designer allows users to design an executable business process using a web browser, through a fast, reliable and code free tool.
Unlike other web based process design tools, this is a fully fledged designer built on Microsoft® Silverlight® technology. It supports multi-lingual content and performs like a desktop application.
By using Microsoft® Silverlight®, the web-based workflow designer reveals the best of the web flexibility and desktop performance.

Workflow Deployment and Version Control

​​Flowon workflows are packaged into Flowon applications. Similar groupings of functionally and similar processes can be grouped into applications. For example, all processes related to HR (vacation requests, expense claims, etc.) can be packaged in one application for easy access and portability.
Version Control:
As business processes scenarios change, the workflow needs to change as well. Flowon provides the functionality to version these changes, as well as the ability to view or restore a previous version at any time. Strict security applies as to whom is allowed to view, modify, or create new versions. As a designer, your workflow application versions are by default not accessible to fellow designers.
Import/Export Applications:
- Flowon supports the ability to export a workflow application definition as one “.FO” file, and import it on another Flowon installation.
- The import wizard will guide you through re-configuring the process definitions according to the new environment and automatically creating certain entities such as organizational roles, custom business item types, and lookups. This functionality allows a simple deployment process across organizations or across units within the same organization.

Task Based & Event-Driven Engine

​​Built on top of Windows Workflow Foundation, Flowon boasts a vast spectrum of advanced workflow control patterns supporting most and major business scenarios; basically, it is a WYSIWYG approach to workflow where designers can connect and configure the flow objects (activities, gateways, events, etc.) the way they like, and expect the engine to control the flow as the BPMN semantics imply.
The workflow engine hosts the execution of process definitions in an event-driven and task-based flow environment. The flow is controlled by gateways, rules and decision tables. It also supports advanced control flow patterns, task allocation patterns, and task completion behaviors.
Process instances can be started manually or automatically based on a variety of external events. Processes can also be designed to pause until an external event occurs. External events triggering a process instance may bring along the business item that caused the event. Moreover, our EventFlow framework provides Inter-process Communication at the level of any process activity.

Workflow Portal

​​Flowon provides a Web-Based, Customizable and Multi-Lingual Information Portal that gives users and administrators access to all sorts of workflow functionality including:
Starting and participating in workflows, changing personal settings, viewing and customizing their task list, opening task forms and taking actions on tasks, viewing attachments, managing workflow applications, managing users and roles, tracking progress, viewing reports, in addition to other functionalities.

Event Activities

The EventFlow technology of Flowon enables workflows to be started based on any external event, or pause until some event happens to resume execution. Start Events and Intermediate Events from the BPMN standard are implemented in the Flowon Web and Visual Studio workflow designers to provide a simple, extensible and powerful integration tool for workflows designers.


​​Flowon was built from the ground up with Multi-Tenancy in mind to achieve its primary role of being a Platform as a Service for automating workflows. Such a requirement, alone, had a big impact on the architectural design considerations taken while building the product, dictating a federated service oriented architecture that ensures autonomous tenants, independent in terms of messaging, processing, storage, and even security.

- Flowon allows the creation of a number of organizations under Flowon single installation.

- Each organization can have its own security settings (Windows, Built-in, or Trusted). Organizations are independent and isolated even if they lie under the same Flowon installation.

- Each organization has its own data store, runtime, application services and portal.